prayer-crossAs Clares, we dwell at the heart of the people of God. Our form of life was handed down to us by St. Clare of Assisi. Our vision is to be united with all peoples in a solidarity of prayer so that the Gospel values will be made real in our world.

Our schedule fosters a contemplative prayer life, allowing spaces for individual prayer and reflection as well as structured time of communal prayer.. Our communal prayer incorporates hymns, psalms, reflection on Scripture, and spaces of silence.

Our prayer is inclusive, always expansive, opening us more and more to the needs and sufferings of those around us and to the whole of humanity.  We keep before us daily the truth that we are not here for ourselves alone.

1195014386_art008As we become more steeped in Franciscan Incarnational spirituality, we discover how God calls us to live deeply connected with all of creation. Our respect for Mother Earth involves the prayerful discernment of the use of resources, simple living, organic gardening and the care of God’s simplest of creatures

Knowing that God is in everything – every human experience, all creation and every person – we are called to be a people of praise, worship and thanksgiving.