This life well lived offers peace, love, union with God and others. The person is invited to become more whole, more free – a joy to others and to her all-loving God.

We live a common life sharing responsibilities and material goods, praying and working together, offering mutual forgiveness and understanding and striving to live the Gospel values. The regular rhythm and structure for prayer, work, study, sharing and play help to keep us focused on God and God’s invitation throughout our daily life.


St. Clare of Assisi shared with us a new vision of being sisters in community. We are to care for one another in imitation of Christ, whether gathering together for prayer and liturgy, helping out in work projects,supporting one another in times of difficulty, or sharing joys and laughter over a game or special meal.

The rewards of being a Poor Clare are boundless. This way of life calls for the best a person has to give and all she is invited to become, with all one’s strengths and weaknesses. We become part of a community that works at being sister to one another. And we don’t do this on our own. We are journeying to God in response to God’s love. It is through this relationship that we find meaning. “Give yourself totally to the One who loves you totally” 

We are also truly human. …sometimes lovable and sometimes at odds with one another. At times anyone of us can be tired, weak or discouraged. Living religious life well calls for a huge amount of courage, generosity and a good sense of humor.

Following the tradition of Clare of Assisi, we are called to embrace a life of deep authenticity. The giving of our whole self because of the love of Jesus, proclaims through our daily living the love, compassion and integrity that transforms the world.