What is Contemplative Life?

The contemplative life is a life-long journey to God in prayer and worship, turning from all else that could make the journey less direct. Contemplatives, men and women, are concerned less with themselves and more with God and all those whom God loves. Prayer is essential for all Christians, but contemplatives are called to make their whole lives a prayer, in solitude and silence as well as in community. The main ministry for contemplatives is living a life of prayer in community, not just saying prayers or losing oneself in contemplative silence. As lofty as this may seem, contemplatives are human beings who also live very real, practical lives.

What do you do all day?

Our days are very full, and you can check out our schedule here.

Where are you located?

Our monastery is located in the beautiful Cowichan Valley, surrounded by tall evergreens as well as some deciduous trees, notably maple and alder. Our new address is 2382 Calais Road, Duncan, BC, Canada V9L 5V5 You can view a map of our location on our Contact page.