“Tis the real season for gardening!” I have come to the conclusion that there are only two categories of people: those who love gardening passionately and those who don’t! flora003Everyone, of course, likes the fruit: delicious fresh vegetables and beautiful flowers, but the long process of laborious care, from seed to fruit, is not for all. I am always reminded of the story where two people were admiring a well-cultivated garden. The one said: “What a magnificent garden God has produced.” “Yes,” replied the other. “You should have seen it when just God did it alone!”

In a sense we are co-creators with God. The soil, water, weather conditions, sun, seed is all flora012God’s doing. The cultivating, planting, weeding, and on-going nurturing is ours. And we must not forget the third party involved: mother earth herself, who responds to our loving care with bounty, beauty and beneficence.

Do you talk to the earth, your plants and the garden creatures? You should. It helps create a harmony of love.flora007