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United in Prayer – COVID 19

Friends let us join together in these days of global suffering to pray for our most vulnerable brothers and sisters throughout the world. We remember especially all healthcare workers, nurses, doctors, grocery store clerks, cleaners, delivery drivers, warehouse workers, politicians, fire-fighters, police, paramedics, lab technicians. All those in any way sacrificing their own personal well-being…
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February 2019 – the snow has arrived!

We were thinking perhaps it would be a mild winter for us here in Duncan.  But in February we were reminded that we can get a lot of snow some years and if often seems to come in February.  This is obviously one of those years. There has been a lot of shoveling going on…
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December 2018 Update

We started this first winter in our new monastery with a record breaking windstorm in December.  In all we lost about 10 trees that came down.  This very large tree came down blocking the drive, but missing our peace garden bench and sculpture.  It fell in the perfect place, away from our building.  There was a…
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We have moved

Dear friends, We have recently moved to our new location at 2382 Calais Rd. We will update our website soon, once the boxes are unpacked and we can find our way to the computer! In the meantime we ask your patience and assure you of our prayers for you and your loved ones.

What a celebration of joy!

On August 11, in addition to our annual outdoor celebration of the Feast of St. Clare, this year we also had the final profession of vows by Sr. Monique.  We were delighted to be able to welcome her Mother, from Halifax Nova Scotia, and one of her brothers, Kevin from Barrie Ontario.  Her Father in…
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