Friends let us join together in these days of global suffering to pray for our most vulnerable brothers and sisters throughout the world. We remember especially all healthcare workers, nurses, doctors, grocery store clerks, cleaners, delivery drivers, warehouse workers, politicians, fire-fighters, police, paramedics, lab technicians. All those in any way sacrificing their own personal well-being for the safety of others, we give thanks to God and pray for their protection.  May our homes and hearts make space for God during this uncertain time,to unite us in Love so that when this is over we may grow as a human family in the image of Trinitarian goodness.

Place your mind
in the mirror of eternity,
place your soul
in the brilliance of Glory,
place your heart
in the figure of  the Divine substance,
and, through contemplation
transform your entire being
into the image
of the Godhead Itself.

St. Clare (third Letter to Agnes of Prague)