The Poor Clares were founded in 1212 by St. Francis of Assisi who received the 18 year old Clare into the way of Gospel living that he had received. In a very short time many Monasteries, following this way of life led by Clare and her sisters, sprang up all over Italy and other parts of the world. By 1875, the Clarian life had spread to North America.

Our own community began in 1912 as four Sisters traveled over 3000 miles from New Orleans, Louisiana.

victoriaThe sisters made many sacrifices to maintain their lives of prayer in the rural area of Victoria. The life of prayer, contemplation and quiet witness did not elicit much encouragement or support in a Church and society that sought workers in the marketplace to spread the Gospel message. Planting fruit trees, making vestments and developing a printing department provided some of the needed income.

By 1970, the large, old building in Victoria was too costly to maintain and the Sisters began to look for a place to relocate. While remaining true to their life centered on prayer, greater presence to those seeking God dictated the setting and the structure of the new monastery. In November of 1973, the community moved to rural setting in Duncan.


On August 31, 2018, the Sisters moved to a smaller building which had been San Damiano Friary for the Franciscan Friars.  The move was literally across the street from the former monastery.  This smaller space, while easier to maintain, has necessitated some changes to our life.  Our very small chapel means we can no longer accommodate the daily parish liturgy.