God wants each of us to live fully the life that has been gifted to us. The choices we make, will determine what it will look like. Where can you best respond to the happiness and fulfillment that God desires for you…single life, marriage, religious life?
Christ is the one who calls but the way the message touches the heart is as varied as the individuals. It is an invitation that asks you to give the best you are and to know that God will respond with even greater generosity and love. You need to take time to discover the options that are before you, what each life style has to offer you – its joys, its responsibilities, its challenges.

The call to religious life can come in varied and unexpected ways, whether you are a student, have a career, or are working in ministry. Sometimes God touches our lives through contact with others, perhaps during our prayer times or through the desire for something more that keeps stirring within us. It takes a great amount of courage to even take the first step; so trust, prayer, listening and patience are all part of the process.